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Investment Management

At SMC Wealth Management, we’re committed to putting clients first. That’s why we provide a diverse range of portfolios created to help secure your financial future. Whether that means investing in stocks, exchange-traded funds, bonds, or mutual funds the strategies we offer are designed to be part of a plan that supports your financial well-being. Backed by independent research, each portfolio we offer is built for the long term, managed with a keen eye on risk, and created to put your needs front and center, where they belong. We play a vital role on your path to financial security; from helping you plan for the lifestyle you want to connecting you to the options that are right for you. Our carefully managed lineup of portfolios allows us to focus on your goals—and to create a holistic plan to reach them.


Before we create your portfolio, it is important that we spend some time learning more about you and your unique situation. We will review your current financial position, investment objectives, and goals, and ask questions to determine your time horizons and tolerance for risk. The information sets the framework for us to recommend appropriate investment strategies.